The Redwood Area Community Center is jointly owned by the City of Redwood Falls and Redwood Area Schools.  It is operated and managed by the City of Redwood Falls Department of Parks and Recreation.

RACC Funding

Property the RACC built on was owned by School District and dedicated to this project.

$900,000 – City Referendum

$1,000,000 – State of Minnesota Grant

$4,000,000 – Redwood Area School District Maximum Effort Property Tax Formula

$250,000 – “Mighty Ducks” Grant

$2,800,000 – City of Redwood Falls

$250,000 – Private Donations

$9,200,000 – Total Project Cost


RACC Timeline

Citing a shortage of facilities to meet the growing demand of programming, the City of Redwood Falls began exploring different options of a Community Center.  The City Council authorized a feasibility study using a $25,000 Bremer Bank Grant.

Results of the feasibility study were presented to the City Council.

March 1997 – February 1999
A Citizen’s Task Force Committee was formed and consisted of more than 100 people.  Over 55 public meetings were held to discuss different aspects of the Community Center.  The process included brainstorming with 15 different representative groups that had specific interests and several open house.  (Several hundred people were involved one way or another.)  Research from over 30 other community centers across Minnesota was used in this project.

September 1999
Ground Breaking

December 2, 2000
Grand Opening

2000 to 2016—RACC Operates very successfully throughout these years.

2016 RACC Expansion Funding

$675,000 – City of Redwood Falls

$275,000 – Redwood Area School District

$500,000 – Private Donations

$1,450,000 –Total Expansion Project Cost

RACC Expansion 2016 Timeline

May 2014

Discussions begin on relocation of the United Senior Association and Lutheran Social Services from their current location at the Ehlers Intergenerational Center.  Numerous locations throughout the community were researched with the leadership team.  The leadership team consisted of United Senior Association Board Members, City of Redwood Falls Staff, and Redwood Area School District Staff.

March 2015

The leadership team presents the expansion concept to both the City Council and Redwood Area School District Board at various meetings.  The expansion concept was to add onto the RACC a senior center, board room, fitness studio, fitness center addition, and remodel of the RACC lobby. 

April 2015 –November 2015

City Council and School Board approve the expansion project and continue to discuss financial commitments which were finalized in November 2015 following successful capital campaign.

April 2015 – July 2015

A capital campaign committee was formed to raise $400,000 in private contributions for the expansion project.  The committee involved City of Redwood Falls Staff, Redwood Area School District Staff, United Senior Association Board Member, and community members.  The goal was successful in just four months!  Reaching that goal so provided reassurance that the expansion was right not only for the United Senior Association but the entire community.

May 18, 2015

United Senior Association and Lutheran Social Services first day at the Redwood Area Community Center

March 22, 2016

Ground Breaking for Redwood Area Community Center Expansion – Senior Center, Board Room, Fitness Studio, Fitness Center and Main Lobby Remodel

January 2017

Grand Opening for the Redwood Area Community Center Expansion!

The collaboration between Redwood Area School District and the City of Redwood Falls thrives to the point of being a “lighthouse” project visited and reviewed by schools and cities across Minnesota.