Friends of the Park have been aggressively working to raise funds for the zoo renovations and other park projects that started in 2008.  Methods of fundraising to date are:

  • Annual Ramsey Park Jamboree (volunteers for Park & Recreation Commission)
  • Brick Sales for Redwood River Walk Resting Area (see Brick Sales link)
  • Bench sales and Picnic Tables sales (Only benches remaining for sale are in other city parks)
  • Associate & Active Memberships
  • Grants
    (Grants received in 2009 are:  Monsanto Fund  $10,000, Great River Energy $500, Redwood Electric Trust $500, Meadowland Farmers Coop $2,500 and Land ‘O Lakes $2,500;
    Grants received in 2010 are:  Southwest Initiative Foundation $10,000 and Community Pride Awards $1,250 and MNDNR Legacy Parks and Trail grant award of $141,625.00;
    Grants received in 2012 are:  MNDNR Legacy Parks and Trail grant award of $232,200.00)
  • Donations from private individuals, corporations and organizations