About Us

The Park and Recreation Department offers recreational and leisure programming opportunities for youth and adults of all ages all year long. Currently, approximately 40 programs and 15 leagues meet the need of over 3,000 annual registrations for virtually every activity. The Park and Recreation Department has working partnerships with numerous athletic associations who provide their own independent programming for specific activities. All recreation programming takes place at the Redwood Area Community Center, any of the city parks, and the Redwood Valley Schools.

Mission Statement & Vision
The mission of the Redwood Falls Parks and Recreation Department is to provide quality facilities and programs for all.  Quality Parks and Recreation Programming enhances economic development, community crime prevention, and adds to the quality of life for ALL residents and visitors of the community.

We would like to achieve a “community climate” of personal wellness, and mutual respect.  Community facilities and parks are used by citizens of all ages participating in meaningful recreation activities.  Facilities are well cared for due to a systematic plan for immediate care and crucial long-term maintenance.  All citizens will be welcomed and encouraged to utilize the park system and participate in the City Recreation programs.